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Here at TCJ AeroTech, our research and development department will consist of the brightest minds that will lead this technology into the lives of all humanity.  Those with the vison and technological know-how will be out in the forefront of this new age in human existence.  From the discovery of fire, to the invention of the wheel, from automobiles to airplanes, medical advances that fifty years ago, would be considered a dream, and, now this!  Only those who are prepared for change can grasp it and truly benefit humanity.  The world is at the precipice of change.  Do you have the vision, the will and desire to change the world?  If so, join our team, TCJ AeroTech, "There's no place to go, but up."

Some of the concepts in development are as follows:

  • Autonomous Transportation Drone​s

  • E.R.D.

  • R.A.D.D.S.

  • Commercial Charging Stations

  • Development of Sky Highways

  • Alternative Power Sources

  • Visual and Physical Assistance Drone - (For those with impairments)

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