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Our vision is about the future and the future is now.  As we grow and develop, we desire to evolve the whole concept of drone applications to include not only recreational use but also day-to-day operations both personal and professional, transportation (commercial & personal vehicles), aerial surveillance/surveying, agricultural, construction/roofing, cell tower inspection and military uses as well, just to mention a few. 


Here at TCJ AeroTech we ensure our future desires and success by scouting & recruiting the best possible minds in the field of drone technology for research and development in a state-of-the-art facility designed with all applications in mind; thus creating a new world view and transforming globally the lives and living conditions of everyone and everything on the planet.   To elevate literally and figuratively, transportation by creating a system of highways in the sky, eliminating gridlock traffic and saving valuable time, fuel and money without bringing harmful impacts on the environment.


On average we spend about 500 hours over the course of a year based on an hour to and from destinations just in traffic; traveling the highways and by-ways. Just imagine the world with decreased gridlock and more time being spent with your family/friends, actual productive time-at-work, cleaner air, decreased usage in fossil fuels, protecting the ozone layer from deterioration, time and money saved by using sustainable efficient alternate resources of energy?    


Our goal is to provide options in all areas of industry where there is a need for unique resolution or otherwise.  Drone applications and technology will revolutionize the future thoughts and actions of the people of the planet thereby opening up unlimited possibilities to improving the earth itself and all in it.  This is our vision of the future at TCJ AeroTech.


“There’s no place to go, but up”.    

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